Choosing to be a sponsor at KOGS will reinforce your company message, raise brand awareness, drive visitor traffic and help your business stand out from the crowd.

megaphoneIn addition to the main options which are listed below we are always happy to discuss new combinations to meet your specific needs. Sponsorship opportunities at KOGS are open to exhibitors only.


For further information, or to enquire about any of these opportunities please contact:

Ali Hussain Haji

Informa Markets

+973 17 550033
[email protected]


In addition to the recognition listed with the individual items below, as a sponsor your company will receive:

  • Conference Programme

    Your logo on the sponsorship page of the preliminary and final conference programme if received before print deadline

  • Website and App

    Your logo on the KOGS website and app

  • Banners & Posters

    Your logo on sponsorship recognition banners, signage and posters at the event


US$ 100,000


US$ 80,000


US$ 50,000


US$ 30,000


US$ 15,000



  • Audiovisual Equipment and Services

    Cutting-edge presentations at KOGS are not possible without projection and display technology and services. Your company logo will be recognised on holding slides in each conference session hall.

  • Digital Conference Proceedings

    The full text for each paper presented at the conference is published in the conference proceedings and hosted online. All delegates will receive a voucher card with instructions for access. Your company logo will be printed on the voucher card.

  • Preliminary & Final Conference Programme

    This official guide includes the conference schedule and essential information, and is given to every delegate. Your company name and logo will be printed on the front cover.

  • E-Posters

    Over 50 knowledge sharing e-Poster presentations will take place during KOGS. Your company logo will be printed on panels within the e-Poster session area.