In the past, Kuwait was considered as the Arab World’s gateway because of its strategic geographical location along the Arabian Gulf. Having been a port that has welcomed individuals from different backgrounds, Kuwait has always maintained its genuine sense of tolerance and acceptance of the new and unfamiliar.

The country has drawn upon the accumulated wisdom of nations around the world to fuel its own growth. After the discovery of oil, a nation of fishermen, pearl divers and traders transformed into one of the richest and most developed nations in the world offering state-of-the-art amenities, secure infrastructural facilities and technical excellence. Particularly in the 1970′s, Kuwait became the center of fine arts, political and social awareness, a place where many of today’s most prominent Arabic talents, leaders and other notable individuals lived and bloomed. The Kuwaitis’ pride in their history, heritage and national progress has given rise to an identity which is uniquely Kuwaiti. While it is a modernized country, Kuwaiti traditions stand strong with the necessary dash of the famed Arab hospitality.


Kuwait has an arid climate with very little rainfall. Average temperatures in October range from highs of 37 °C to lows of 22 °C. Dust storms can be expected at any time of the year, but less frequently during Autumn.


Kuwait is a burgeoning metropolis with world-class restaurants, excellent museums, modern shopping malls and sophisticated marinas. Beyond the city limits lies a vast desert and long sandy coastlines.

  • The Kuwait Towers, the most famous landmark and symbol of the country, hosts a revolving observation area and restaurant.
  • The Kuwait National Museum, once destroyed by the Iraqi invasion in 1991, is now restored and houses an extensive collection of Islamic Art.
  • The beaches of Failaka Island and Green Island enchant tourists from around the world.


NameState of Kuwait
Capital cityKuwait City
Area17,820 km2 (6,880 sq miles)
Population2.818 million (2011)
Time ZoneGMT/UTC +3
LanguagesArabic (official); English (widely spoken)
CurrencyKuwaiti Dinar
Dialing code:+965


Most aspects of the business culture are conservative. Lightweight summer clothing is ideal with a sweater or jacket for air conditioned premises. Women are usually advised to dress modestly.