Established in 2013, KOGS incorporates an international exhibition of oil and gas hardware and services and a broad spectrum technical conference programme.

The 3 day exhibition is organised by Informa Markets. It serves all areas of the oil and gas industry; including petroleum geosciences, exploration & production and refining & petrochemical products and services.

The parallel 4 day multi-disciplinary conference programme focuses on science and engineering factors facing those working in Kuwait and the Divided Neutral Zone (shared with Saudi Arabia). The conference agenda is co-ordinated by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in cooperation with a committee of senior NOC and IOC representatives, major operators and academia active in the region.

Together, the conference and exhibition combine to form the single biggest gathering of the oil and gas industry ever seen in Kuwait.


Kuwait is one of the most compelling industry environments in the Middle East. An OPEC member, it houses the world’s sixth largest oil reserves and is the fourth largest exporter of total oil products.


KOGS is privileged to receive official support from the Kuwaiti Government and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries, who welcome the expertise and new technologies this conference and exhibition will bring to the country as it undergoes a period of investment and expansion.